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How to Use New Recrolls

hello my gladiators,  i make a video teaching you how to use Recrolls to get maximum stats in weapons , gears and acessories. i hope this help you to understand how this work. propaganda


Account/ Char name

maintenance 27/05

Hello My gladiators, we have make a maintenance today to fix the assasin cape lvl 54 bug, and install some safety devices in our server against hack, boots and to prevent attacks, so make the update , if u are here coz the server is down to you its simple make the update and ill be up… if u dont make the update u cant ill play.

Event Shaiya Gladiator

Prison Shaiya PVP!

Shaiya Gladiators Video Pvp!

Update 12/04/2014 !



- Elemental Mobs from Principal Altars for now on drops ( Ops, Gear Enchants, Lvl 6s);

- Gladiator drops ( Goddess Weapon, Vip lvl3, Legendary Helmet, 200 Dps);

- Kimuraku and Seraphim (Elemental Lapis lvl 2, Legendary Helmet, (sera still drops debuffs), 200 Dps)

- Angels from Sky City ( Rec Runes rate increased);

- Angels Caelum Sacra ( Ops and the Lvl 56 and 59 weapons and shield Enchants);

- OI Fatties ( 1000 Dps, Abs lvl 6, lapis lvl6s);

- D2 MiniBosses ( Flash lvl2 and Sonic lvl2);

-Dios Exciel ( Goddess Weapon, Vip lvl2)

New Boss Added

- Spartacus

– Drop (Legendary Acc x2, Vip lvl1)

Welcome to Shaiya Gladiators

Logo Gladiators realocado2

Welcome to Shaiya Gladiators.

Creat you Character, you have instant UM and Instant lvl 15,30 or 60 and start enjoying the Beloved Ep4.5 episode that you like and up to find.

For starters you have on item mall Legendary gears, Lapis lvl5 and Dual lapis, and LH lvl4, and also Sonic and Flash lvl1 all for free. and in Action House Merchants “selling” free Dread Gears (all +20 on all stats) inclusive Helmets/Caps, Weapons and Dread Accs.

When you start on farming Mode, you have D2 dungeon that drops Fortune Bags, from them you can get the push up to you need to start on, on this FB u can get Ops and Goddess gear with a low rate, besides other useful items. Further on this you have DD2 for better drops, where you can get easily Ops, LH6/7 and Fortune coins lvl4/5.

Soo you can’t say that the Adm are not your friends? Besides the Vote for reward, you have DP droping from Oblivion Insula Mobs 25 points ate a 25% drop rate and OI Bosses drop lapis lvlv6 Kimuraku and Seraphim drop 100 DP.

Now start playing and Enjoy this trully Ep4.5 server.

Many Thanks, Gladiators Team

Vote for Server

Hello everyone please vote for our server and help us in spreading
the Gladiators team thanks everyone and wishing everyone a good game.
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