IMPORTANT New Game.exe

Everyone please download this and replace the Game.exe in game folder :

Welcome to Shaiya Gladiators

Welcome to Shaiya Gladiators.

Creat you Character, you have instant UM and Instant lvl 15,30 or 70 and start enjoying the Beloved Ep5.0 episode that you like and up to find.

For starters you have on item mall Start gears,   all for free. and in Action House Merchants “selling” free Lapis lvl6 , lvl5 and Dual lapis  inclusive Absorption , sonic and Flash Lapis.

When you start on farming Mode, Kanos map, that drops Kanus Bags, from them you can get the push up to you need to start on (Enchants, gold … etc), lapis lvl7, on this Bosses u can get Gladiators Hammer to link you gear  with  100% of link rate, the best gear of our server and weapons as well, besides other useful items. Further on this you have DD2 for better drops, where you can get easily Lapises, Recreation Runes and Fortune coins lvl4/5.

Soo you can’t say that the Adm are not your friends? Besides the Vote for reward, you have DP droping from Valdemar/Palaion  Mobs (5 Points) and CT Bosses drop 100 and 1000 DP .

Now start playing and Enjoy this trully Ep5.0 server.

Many Thanks, Gladiators Team

Event Shaiya Gladiator

Prison Shaiya PVP!

Shaiya Gladiators Video Pvp!

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